Leandra Boj
graphic design & sustainability 
Alboraya, Valencia.

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Images designed for good things, good planet blog. December 2018.

Poster design about books I have read. October 2018.

Which will be the most visited tourist attractions of Valencia in 2048? A graphic designer who usually travels via Google Maps for economic reasons imagines a future where thousands of people choose to discover new places not physically but virtually. This designer speculates about the future architectural aesthetics, and thinks that geometry and size will overwhelm these virtual visitors. That’s why she designs futuristic postcards that can be found along with the usual ones in the souvenir shops. This work is part of a collective project called Nueva Beta.

Nueva Beta exposition, Escola Lateral. Photographer: Carles Rodrigo. June 2018

Postcard design in collaboration with Walabi studio for Salvem les postals project. May 2018.

Branding for a children's occupational therapy center called seven senses. Project developed at Walabi studio. 2016.

Collages published in DXI magazine number 52 – Love. August 2017.

Forget everything. Digital/handmade collage postcard. Personal work. March 2017.

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